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Six reasons to choose "Bester" Caviar
Top quality caviar with unique nutty and buttery flavor with hint of fruit. Doesn't have a fishy taste
"Bester" Caviar is sold in top restaurants in Miami and gourmet stores. We are in Zuma, Casa Tua, Fleming's, Villa Azur, IL Gabbiano, Versace Mansion, Matryoshka, Europa Gourmet and others
We offer 40% off market price simply because we are the direct producer of the caviar
Competitive wholesale prices with minimum 0.5kg (1.1 lbs) order to everyone
Same day delivery in Miami and overnight delivery all over the US
Free caviar tasting before you buy the product locally in Miami
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Harvested in traditional method
100% organic
Directly from aqua farm in Ukraine
Roe eggs only, not pasteurized
40% less than a market price
Sold in top restaurants of Miami
Free caviar tasting before you buy the product locally in Miami
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Our company carries all required paperwork for import and trade of black caviar in the US such as CITES, HACCP, Fish and Wild Life, FDA
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Wholesale of Finest Russian Osetra Caviar farm raised in Ukraine with potential 3x profit margins.
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  6. Want to turn our product into your own brand? We will support you and help you to develop your own label followed by FDA regulation.

Seafood distributors, caviar brands, food buyers, influencers, bloggers, grocery stores, liquor stores are WELCOMED because you have a huge potential to sell this product and make great profits.
This offer is directly from our aquafarm in Ukraine.

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When will I receive my caviar after I placed an order?
We provide same day free delivery in Miami area.
Also we provide Fedex Overnight Delivery in the US. Out of state clients receive their caviar next day after order accept for Sundays. Free delivery all over the US with minimum 250g order.
How do you keep caviar cold during shipment?
We have innovative packaging system that allows to keep caviar cold within 24 hours. We pack caviar in 3 layers: on ice wrapped in aluminum foil covered with special thermo material that keeps caviar cold and fresh upon arrival.
I never tried your brand. How can I make sure that I like it?
We sell "Bester" Caviar to top restaurants in Miami such as Zuma, Casa Tua, Fleming's, Villa Azur, Versace Mansion, IL Gabbiano and more. Our brand is well established in France and Ukraine. You can always order 1oz tin of caviar for trial.
How long does caviar stay fresh?
In unopened vacuum sealed tin caviar is good for 6-8 months. After tin is opened caviar can stay fresh for 2 weeks. Keep caviar refrigerated at 28-36 F.
More about our caviar
Our Osetra Caviar doesn't taste fishy at all, it has rich nutty and buttery overtones with hint of sea. Pearls have medium to large size that melt in your mouth. Color of our Osetra is light to dark-grey. All these qualities define top quality Osetra Caviar.
Terms of delivery
Shipping cost with Fedex Overnight delivery 35$, shipping is free with minimum 250g order of caviar in the US. Free the same day delivery in Miami area with any purchase.
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Tel: +18135109892
Adress: 801 South Miami Ave, unit 3004, Miami, FL, 33130
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Premium Russian-Siberian Osetra Caviar
Net wt 1.06 oz, 30g
The classical pearl with an impeccable combination of taste and texture. Selected for a superior brilliant appearance, a perfectly refined flavor profile and overall defining character. Delectably fresh and rich, the flavor has a subtle sweet hint of the sea with velvety nutty overtones and a long buttery finish. It is distinctive, complex and abundant, providing an indulgent experience for even the most discerning connoisseur. It is also a particularly versatile caviar. Its bold flavor can hold its own in creams and sauces, and it provides the perfect accent atop main courses.

Bester's Russian-Siberian Osetra is produced by the most experienced aqua-farm in Ukraine, sustainably harvesting and importing idyllic malossol caviar. The sturgeon indulge the best life condition- crystal clear Dnipro river's water fish live in, organic Danish fodder fish consume, traditional method of harvesting ensures the highest caviar quality. The "Bester" branded caviar is considered one of the best quality in the world due to its clean buttery and nutty taste, medium to large grains and its perfect smooth texture, that allows caviar to melt in your mouth spreading nutty and fruity overtones. Each tin contains eggs from a single fish is another reason why osetra caviar has unforgettable taste and the highest quality. The roe eggs are produced from 12 year old mature sturgeon with no hormone additives or antibiotics that ensures the tastiest caviar full of nutritional value.

Premium Russian-Siberian Osetra Caviar characteristics:

  • Farm-raised in Ukraine
  • Dark to light-grey color pearls
  • Firm medium to large size grains
  • Rich buttery finish
  • Shelf life 8 months
  • Keep refrigerated under 28-36 F
  • Only roe eggs. Not pasturized
  • Perfect with creme fraiche and bliny
  • Drinks: champagne brut or vodka
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